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Allergies explained with roots, stems, flowers, leaves and herbicides

We think that a lot of people have heard the word "allergy". If some people around you, or you yourself have allergies, you will be familiar with this. Allergies are very troublesome which interfere in various situations in everyday life. Let's learn how we can cope with allergies. In this chapter, we will introduce the general mechanisms of an allergy.

Allergies can be explained by analogy to the [roots], [stems], [flowers], [leaves], and [herbicides] of plants.


[Roots] widely spreading under the soil can be compared to the allergenic root substance "allergen" causing allergic reactions. Examples of allergens include pollen, peach, mold, metal, soap, wheat flour and many others. Allergens are all deeply rooted in our lives.


[Stems] which branch into many thinner branches, is the "mechanism"of allergy.
There is a common point and a plurality of branches (⇒ a difference) in the process until an allergic reaction comes out. Depending on the branches, the symptoms that occur will also be different.


Even the same stock, size, blooming position, timing and color are different. Blooming [flowers] can be compared to the actual "allergic reaction".
Examples of allergic reactions include sneezing, itchy skin, joint pain, loss of consciousness, and others. Although you may think that there will only be sneezing, loss of consciousness can also occur. If you get a response in an unexpected place such as that, you are in trouble.


Such [leaves] related to the outside of the body by photosynthesis and respiration, can be compared to "external factors" that interfere with the process of allergic reactions. For example, asthma may become worse due to stress etc. [Leaves] are closely connected with [stem].
We will not explain [leaves] in detail on this site.


To kill plants, [herbicides] are used, which can be compared to coping with allergies. There are various ways to cope with allergies, such as immunotherapy which cures allergy symptoms temporarily or the allergy itself.


From the next chapter, we will introduce [roots], [stems], [flowers], and [herbicides] in more detail in an encyclopedia format.

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