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Quick table

It is an allergy that is reacted to animal’s milk such as cow’s.
It can be seen in children. They tend to be lack in nutrition. for example, mineral, vitamin A and vitamin B are contained in milk.
Type I・Type IV Casein


Property of the allergen

Casein, which is an allergen contained in milk, is hard to be weaken antigenicity if it is heated or fermented.

Contraction Status

It is said to cause next to “Egg” among children’s food allergies and It is said that 2.5% of children experience by the age of 1. However, by the age of 3, 85 to 90 % will be healed naturally. The percentage of adults egg allergies is low; between 0.1% to 0.5%.

For Infants

Infants, who don’t have bodies that can adapt component of milk, prevent milk products such as cheese and yoghurt and milk too much, to prevent milk allergy. Milk products contain a lot of nutrition. Therefore, If you are allergic to milk, be careful not to deviate nutrition in the diet that removed milk products.

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