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(Orange · Kiwi · Banana · Peach · Apple)
Fruits commonly contains allergen substances. If you are allergic to one fruit, you may have reactions to the other fruits It is said that people who are allergic to pollen or ratex need to pay attention to allergy of fruits.
TypeI Pathogenesis-related protein
Pseudo allergies serotonin
(kiwi only)

List of allergen substances

Article name Allergen substance Remarks
orange Cit s 2
kiwi Actinidin , Ac d 8 , Ac d 9 It can break down by heating
banana Mus xp 1 It can break down by heating
peach Pru p 1 , Pru p 4 It can break down by heating
apple Mal d 1 , Mal d 4


It mainly causes Oral Allergy Syndrome.

Large and strong common antigenicity

It has common antigenicity with fruits, ratex and pollens.


Profilin is a protein that contains in all kinds of organisms. The profilin of each creature is very similar, and the common antigenicity between profilins is very strong. This is a troublesome part of fruit allergy.

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