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Quick table

Salmon and Mackerel
These are one of the most sensitive allergies in fish allergies. Depending on the symptoms, atopy may become worth.
TypeI Parvalbumin
Pseudo allergies Inolin (Salmon only)


Details of allergen substances

These allergen substances are contained in the fish muscle.

Other allergens

Fish with a declining freshness contains a lot of histidine, and it becomeshistamine by microorganisms. Histamine is one of pseudo allergy allergens.

Confusing reaction

Allergic reactions may occur in parasites called Anisakis contained in fish. Unlike Anisakis, which cause stomachache with animation and animation in organs, it means that allergy occurs to Anisakis itself and urticaria occurs. Although it is possible to prevent because it is killed by freezing or heating, allergy may occur even if it is processed since the power to cause allergy remains.

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