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Quick table

Egg allergy is allergy which has a large number of cases so that it accounts for about 40% of allergic cause food ingredients, so labeling is required by law as "7 items of specified raw materials".
Eggs such as eggs, ducks and quail eggs, those separated into egg yolk and egg white, liquid eggs, powdered eggs, frozen eggs, etc. are applicable. Other creatures eggs (fish eggs, reptile eggs, insect eggs etc.) don't cause.
It is common in infants, but it gets rid if they enter school age. Also, it is possible to ingest chicken even if you have an egg allergy.
Type I Ovomucoid
Ovalbumin etc.


Property of the allergen

Most of proteins (ovomucoid etc.) contained in eggs do not decrease antigenicity even if they are heated. However, only ovalbumin will decrease antigenicity when it is heated.

Influenza vaccine and eggs

Some Influenza Vaccines are used chicken eggs. However, Allergic reactions are low in overseas countries, and Japanese vaccines are free from allergic reactions by vaccination as they contain less eggs.
Therefore, even people with egg allergies do not need to perform divided doses or do skin tests to see if they are allergic to eggs.

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