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Pseudo Allergy

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Type I allergic symptoms such as bronchial asthma and itching of the skin are caused by chemical substances such as histamine which allergens react in the body and are made in the body. However, when chemical substances that cause allergic symptoms directly are mixed in what you have, these substances act on your body and you will have symptoms like allergic reactions. This is called "pseudo allergy", and the substance to cause is called "pseudo allergen".
The following two figures are comparative figures of type I and pseudoallergy.

type I allergy figure

pseudo allergy figure

Pseudo allergen list

Allergen substances Main ingredients included
histamine Salmon, mackerel, spinach, tomato, fermented food
Inolin Salmon, Summa, Tara
Trimethylamine oxide Squid, octopus, clam, clam, calle
acetylcholine Yam, soba, peanut, bamboo shoots
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