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Yam is used for various dishes such as Okonomiyaki and Japanese food to make more tasty. There are many varieties and kinds in Yam. Here Yam, there is a staple, long, caterpillar, ginkgo potato, yam pot and others. In general, you can eat as it is (so-called 'Tororo'), you can eat it by heating.
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Confusing reaction

A substance called calcium oxalate, which is present in acicular crystals , is contained in Yam. Calcium oxalate causes skin irritation, urticaria, etc. depending on the constitution when touching or eating. Although symptoms similar to allergy occur, strictly this symptom is not allergy.
Symptoms caused by calcium oxalate will not come out if heatedAlso, calcium oxalate is an acid-weak substance that is digested by gastric juice. So it is also good to soak in the skin after soaking in vinegar.

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