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Quick table

It is said that all cases of gelatin will develop allergy. It’s seen more often in Japanese, and it less in foreigner. Protein usually gets decomposed in their stomach, so it is rare to become serious.
TypeI From raw material
(Pig, cattle, fish)


What is “Gelatin”?

A fibrous protein in skin and bones of animals is called Collagen and the gelatinized ones are called gelatin. Not only pigs and cows but also fish are raw materials.
Agar can be used as a substitute for gelatin. Since agar is a vegetable food derived from seaweed, people with gelatin allergy can eat this too.

Relationship with vaccines

Recently, the inclusion of gelatin in vaccine injection has decreased.

Ingredient notation of gelatin

As we mentioned earlier, it’s seen more often in Japanese and not much in foreign people, so gelatin are often not written in raw materials in foreign products.

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