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Contact dermatitis

An inflammation and an eczema caused by contact of allergen with skin, is called contact dermatitis. This is “rash”. Cause things around you might cause rash.


Blisters, ulcers, itching, erythema (flushing of the skin that can be caused by dilation of the blood vessel etc.), rashes, swollenness


They are Chemicals such as cosmetics, oils and soaps, metals, hair care products, metal accessories such as rings and earrings, watches and necklaces, clothing, household chemicals, detergents, pharmaceuticals, etc.

However, these are not directly causing allergies.
When these substances touch patient's skin, they change proteins on the skin surface, and then Th1 cells mistakes them for enemies . Activated Th1 cells make proteins called lymphokine and cause inflammation.


You should make your skin to be clean everyday. That way, you will able to stop from deterioration of symptoms if allergic reactions occur. Also, let’s locate the cause substance and try to avoid contact with them early.
If the reaction occurs, you take steroid medicine and anti allergic medicine. If you hurt, inflammation will cause further itching and deteriorate.

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