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What is desensitization therapy?

Desensitization therapy is a therapy aimed at suppressing allergic reactions by placing the allergen in the body little by little and gradually getting used. It is also called allergen immunotherapy.
It is mainly treatment for hay fever, allergic rhinitis, bronchial asthma. At the present moment, it is the only possible method of fundamental allergy treatment.


Allergy is caused by recognizing the allergens that should be harmless originally as foreign enemies.
Therefore, we take allergens little by little into our bodies and make them recognize that allergens are not enemies. As such, hyposensitization therapy improves allergy itself. Rather than curbing allergic symptoms, you can treat allergy from the root.

Treatment duration and effect

This therapy requires more than 2 to 3 years of continuous treatment.
Even if you receive all treatment, there is data that there is no effect on 1 to 20% of patients. However, it is said that more than 80% of people have an effect.

Specific treatment - Desensitization injection

The injection solution containing allergen is administered with increasing concentration. Start with a weekly injection. You continue administration for over 3 years with over time.


  • Frequent visits are required.
  • Injection takes time and effort.
  • You have pain of injection.

Specific treatment - Sublingual immunotherapy

This is what administers allergens under the tongue. Hold the medicine containing the allergen under the tongue for 2 minutes and after that, swallow it every day.


  • It saves much labor for hospitalization because it is a possible therapy at home.
  • Treatment can be done every one to two months.


  • It is a hard treatment for those who feel troublesome taking medication everyday.
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