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In the past, this is mistaken for the disease called “Torikai disease” which people who have pigeons and parrots sometimes develop. This develop by inhaling small proteins called "Bloom" that attached to bird's feathers or scattering bird droppings.
Type I Bloom
Bird droppings



Please do not keep birds at home. In addition, pay attention to the feather products (an eiderdown, down jacket, cleaning tool) stuffing of birds, aviaries placed in private houses, droppings of birds, and fertilizer containing chicken droppings used at home garden. It is important to remove birds as much as possible from your lives. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to trains and buses in winter as well as parks that have not been cleaned.
Wearing a mask is somewhat effective. However, it is easy to enter from the gap of the mask to the back of the lungs because Bloom is small.

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