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Mite・House dust
House dust is dust such as invisible ticks and dust. Its size is less than 1 mm and it dances in the air only by human movement. Japanese people who have house dust allergies account for over 30% of the total. Many people have been suffering from house dust allergy.
TypeI Mite, flea, chilli, dust, animal hair, human dandruff and proteins contained in the skin


Place where house dust is likely to occur

  • A thin gap, bed, closet which is a place where lint easily accumulates Place like under and inside of futon which is easy to accumulate
  • people’s dandruff or sweat with high temperature and humidity which ticks are likely to occur

Cleaning method

You can prevent house dusts from dancing with vacuum cleaner after wiping with a dust cloth. Do not forget to wipe on furnitures etc.
Another way is to reduce the house dust in the air with an air purifier such as a plasma cluster or to use a dryer to prevent hot and humid environment and kill mites. Some people hit the futon when they dry the futon. Perhaps they would like to drop mites and dust, but it is counterproductive. When hitting the futon, the carcass of the tick is crushed finely and it is difficult to remove it. Also, things that were deep inside the futon come out on the surface, so there is a possibility that ticks on the surface of the futon will increase as a result.

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