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Quick table

It is an allergy which responds to substances called latex contained in natural rubber.
It is also included in medical supplies such as gloves and garments or daily goods such as rubber balloons, which contact everyday very well.
TypeI・TypeIV Hev b 1~13


As latex causing allergy, specifically the following proteins are known.

Hev b 1
Hev b 2
Hev b 3
Hev b 4
Hev b 5
Hev b 6.01
Hev b 6.02
Hev b 6.03
Hev b 7.01 = Hev b 13
Hev b 7.02
Hev b 8
Hev b 9
Hev b 10
Hev b 11
Hev b 12
Hev b 13 = Hev b 7.01


Common antigen

The following items are common antigen of latex. Eating them will causeOral Allergy Syndrome.

Banana, kiwi, chestnut, avocado, walnut, tomato, papaya, grapefruit, potato, melon, fig and peanut

Confusing reaction

It is different from contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis’ major allergens are chemicals used during natural rubber production.

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