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Allergic contact dermatitis occurs if it comes into contact with metals for a long time. It is classified into two types with symptoms. One is a locality thing that develops when you are wearing a necklace and so on. The other side is systemic. After metals such as dentures melt into saliva and sweat and go around whole body, it breathe out of hands. Both occur by touching metals for a long time.
TypeIV Gold silver palladium alloy
Nickel-Rom alloy
Amalgam etc.


  • Gold and silver palladium alloy is used in Japanese dentistry. It is surely used for health care.
  • Nickel chrome alloy is a type of dangerous metal because it is carcinogenic and it is frequently allergic to women.
  • Amalgam is a metal that has been used in dentistry for about 150 years. However, because it contains mercury, the amount used is decreasing worldwide.

Besides this, there are platinum, stainless steel, tantalum, zirconium and others. On the contrary, there are titanium and other metals that are difficult to react.


It develops contact dermatitis.

Skin symptoms: itching, sunny, red fruits, inflammation of the contact area, vesicles, erythema


When metal and human body fluid come into contact, metal melts andmetal ions are generated. When this metal ion enters the body, it binds to the mucous membrane. Then I will make a new protein. This is considered an allergen, Th1 cells are activated and develop type IV allergy.


It is the iron rule that you do not touch the cause metal. If you absolutely want to wear jewelry, it is desirable to use another material like ceramics. It is also effective to remove it during sweating during summer and exercise, and regularly clean accessories.

Piercing is easy to cause symptoms

The pierce makes a hole and the subcutaneous tissue and the metal directly touch each other. Therefore, it is said that it is easy to cause symptoms of metal allergy.

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