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People who have allergies

How to catch allergy

Many people who have allergies must live with their allergies for the rest of their lives. In order to prevent your life from being disturbed by your allergies, you must understand your allergy symptoms and face each other. And finally it is important to accept as a part of daily life.

Knowledge is necessary!

First of all, you need correct knowledgecorrect knowledge about allergies of yours. Depending on your thoughts, you may be wasting more effort than necessary. Also, on the contrary, due to lack of knowledge, you may receive more damage than expected. Especially those who have a chronic allergy may be considerably losing long term.
In order to know your allergy, you must learn a series of allergy-related knowledge as we have explained. In addition to libraries and medical magazines, you can use experiences of those who were allergic on the Internet, summary sites like this site, homepages of medical institutions, etc.

Let's take inspection

If you want to learn more about your allergy, you should go to a medical institution. Because there is something that you do not know only by yourself.
For example, is he a cedar pollen allergy or a cypress pollen allergy? I am allergic to eggs but how much among can I eat them? You should go to a medical institution and receive an allergy test because you can not understand such things only by yourself.

Treatment of allergies

Also, when you are asked to treat allergies, it is important to have two type of doctors to decide on treatment policy, one are specialists and the other are doctors whom you always consultations with. A specialist here is a doctor who can handle and treat a firm facility like a university hospital. Some may wonder why two doctors are necessary. In short, it means that Right people, right place. What if all allergic patients seek medical treatment from the beginning from a specialist?A specialist must make each chart from scratch. In addition, everyone has to investigate whether full-blown treatment is necessary and the burden becomes big.
The doctor who is usually examined knows the your usual condition and can feel free to visit. By cooperating with each other, you can receive efficient medical care.

Take thorough measures!

The most important thing in your daily life is removal of the Allergen substances. However, It is not best to completely eliminate the causative substance. It is important to limit to the minimum necessary removal and explore a safe amount while consulting with a doctor. Balance is important in everything.
We need to take measures against allergies from the usual way. Also, let's take measures against allergies that you can do on yourself. For example, to prepare an epipen for when severe allergic symptoms occur, you consult with a doctor and try to take medicine regularly from several months before the pollen season if you are a severe hay fever, etc. In order to improve the quality of your life we think that actively taking such measures is the best way to keep QOL at a high level.

Child's allergy

In addition, there are many people that your child has allergy. The important thing for parents' correspondence is not only to leave it to nursery schools or schools, but also to share information. Because there is a risk of information leakage, it is necessary not to communicate by mouth but to communicate in writing. If you wish to remove the cause of food caused by school lunch, you need to submit a living management guidance chart.
Furthermore, it is necessary to decide the following for emergency situations.

  • Emergency transport destination
  • How to contact parents
  • How to handle medicine

Besides that, it is safe to have cards that describe allergic symptoms of children, or deposit medicine in the nurse's office.


I think that the will to actively verify and take countermeasures when it is suspected that you are allergic to Japan is generally weak in Japan. There are several reasons for that.
The first reason is that the rate of screening for people diagnosed as being allergic is low. Of those who developed symptoms that seem to be allergic, there are few people who actually visited medical institutions.
Indeed, even if symptoms such as allergy come out, in fact allergy is about 15% lower. But if I am one of the 15% and I have to suffer for the rest of my life, I think I should go.
In order to raise your QOL, you can try it so that you should take a test at a medical institution.

The second reason is that there are many people who die of allergic diseases. In Japan, 4000 people per year die from allergic diseases. This is a relatively large number among developed countries. With the improvement of consciousness of all, this number should be further lowered. I think that it is important to get the right knowledge and act from yourself to do "self-management" of allergy. (high 1 ・ I, high 1 ・ M)

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