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Examples of social consideration for allergies


Commercialization of allergy-friendly baby food

We commercialized baby foods series that do not use 7 specific ingredients (using soy sauce without wheat).

Various companies are researching and developing baby foods for children with food allergies. However, it takes time to check labels one at a time in the shop. By making, we can decide which items to buy before going to the store. Parents busy with care of children thought they would be very helpful. In addition, we can correspond to various scenes by using bottles and cup containers for food allergies compatible products. As a result, allergic children will be able to spend the same way as children without allergies. I think that this is important for "living with food allergies". (High 2 · N)

Seven & i Holdings

Anniversary for everyone

Reservation and sale of "rice flour and soy milk cream cake" that does not use specified ingredients. '17 .2 Establishment of food allergies-conscious product corner within food store of 79 stores (' 17 .8 now Ito-Yokado 170 shops nationwide)


Prevention of secondary contamination of allergens

Sales of hypoallergenic menu for children not using specified ingredients.
Cook in a place different from normal cooking facilities. Use differently washed and stored dishes.

People with food allergies face the situation of being "unable to eat" in various situations. People who can not eat cake on birthday, people who can not eat kids lunch at restaurant. I felt that efforts to reduce such people leads to an increase in people who feel "happiness to spend the same daily life with everyone".
Food Allergies Consideration Corner and menu page where products are gathered can reduce the trouble of seeing allergy display each time, so I am happy if it will be adopted by more various companies from now on. (High 2 · N)

Fujisawa city

Food allergies lecture

Food allergies classes for children 7 to 12 months old are held once every two months in two places.

Responding to children with food allergies

Corresponds to "Food allergies response in school lunch".
Using special tableware with lid, to prevent misinformation.

Junior high school lunch

When altering ingredients for school lunch, post notice on allergy information on the homepage of the city.
Can change order.
We can choose lunch and bring-your-owned lunch.

Parents can not monitor directly, I think that parents, children and teachers are uneasy about lunch time. Recently I see allergies accident at school lunch in news. Writing how to respond to the city's schools on the city's homepage makes it easier for cooperation with schools. I think that this is a very good system. I think that it is important to deal with school food allergies to deepen understanding about food allergies from childhood. (High 2 · N)


Comfortable with cleaning and various in-flight special meals

Eliminate peanut and peanut oil from in-flight meal / lounge menu from 2014.
If you have a peanut allergy, they do cleaning around the seat by applying.
Offering in-flight special meals (7 items, 27 items, 27 items infant food) on international flights.

In vehicles, there are more chance that you have foods etc. that contain peanuts in snacks. So, the risk of eating food that causes allergies is higher than usual.
I felt it was important to exclude allergens, in particular severe symptoms, on the business side as much as possible.
Especially, airplanes are different from trains or buses. It is difficult to unload them on the way. On international flights, there are also cases where you have to land in a country where the medical environment is not in place. Therefore, the policy of eliminating peanuts is unique to airplanes. (High 2 · F)

Japan Environment and Health Organization

Environment Allergy Advisor

Environmental Allergy Advisor has expert knowledge on environmental problems such as allergy and sick house syndrome, experts who understand patients and their families, surrounding environment and support environmental improvement. It can be acquired by receiving a special seminar for two days at a LEC school which is held once a year or nationwide.

Certified NPO corporation allergy support network

Environmental Allergy Meister

A qualification that allows you to receive courses and practical training at a particular university and pass the screening. After acquisition, you can register and be active in an allergy support network.

Just displaying food allergies in food is not enough. It is important that we have correct knowledge, understand people who have food allergies, and support them. Courses, practical training and exams are expensive, so it is not easy to get it. However, if you acquire such qualifications, you should enhance your experience and knowledge and help Allergy symbiosis society. (High 2 · N)


"Have a fun and delicious dining table with everyone"

Started measures against allergy in 1996
Food allergies brand "taste of everyone" food of the same taste as ordinary goods
Establish a factory that does not bring any specified raw materials
Development of food allergen test kit

There are many food development companies' efforts for food allergies, but I feel that the taste seems to have changed a bit since I use something different from ordinary. It may be difficult to provide the same taste to everyone. However, making everyone eat the same products with the same taste is an important relay point for the realization of an allergy symbiosis society. Since the accuracy of inspection kits is steadily increasing, an era where anyone can check food allergens anytime anywhere may come. (High 2 · N)

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