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Experiences about allergies

On this page, we talk about experiences about allergy heard from familiar people. (We have permission to post) In addition, we have posted preventive measures for them. Let's think about allergy more on this page.
In addition, we gathered about 650 opinions and stories on this site from the questionnaire and we also introduce them (We have permission to post).

A story about pollen allergies

Female elementary school student "Every spring, cedar pollen flies, so I am suffering every time in it each time."
Male junior high school student"My cedar allergy is so strong that I was injected a sensitized injection."
Female elementary school student"I have ragweed allergy. One day when I joined the Halloween party and played in the grass field, my face became to look like a beaten by a boxer at the next morning. At that time, I first realized that I was allergic to ragweed. "
Group members"I have hay fever against most plant pollen. I had scratched my eyes with a terrible itch, my cornea was hurt. I was almost blind because of that. Also, I experienced a morning that the eyelids did not open due to eye irritation. Rubbed off while melting with hot water, barely opened my eyes. A lot of runny nose filled in my throat and I almost suffocated.
When the amount of pollen scatter was remarkably large, I got permission from the school and evacuated to my parents house in Tsuyama city, Okayama Prefecture. At that time, I did not use a general mask on the market, but I spent equipped with medical masks. "

All of these experiences are related to "hay fever" in which plant pollen is causing symptoms. Recently we began listening to the phrase "hay fever" frequently. As such, its name recognition has increased and occupies a high percentage among the questionnaires collected this time. As introduced in the site, the proportion of hay fever patients was 1/4 of all the citizens six years ago. All members of our group are also hay fever patients. Considering that there are more and more patients who were not diagnosed and the number of patients is increasing, there are more number of patients.

Preventive measures

As a precautionary measure against hay fever, of course, the standard "wearing a mask when going out" and "avoiding contact with pollen in early childhood" are certainly of course. Furthermore, "prevention of excessive drying" can also be mentioned. One of the reasons why pollinosis patients are increasing in recent decades is said to have drying of the nose caused by air drying due to improved air conditioning equipment, that is, dry nose. If you want to avoid the occurrence of hay fever, it may be a good idea to care about air conditioning setting and indoor humidity.
The measure against the symptoms of hay fever is "carrying what you can take countermeasures when you go out." For example, it is a mask. At the very least, don’t bother other people with a cough.
As prevention, there are "to consult a medical institution", "to buy medicine or to prescribe", "to depart from substances exacerbating symptoms like exhaust gas" and so on.The doctor will tell you the best way to improve and treat hay fever we do not know.
Next is about medicine. Sometimes people think that 'hay fever medicine makes me sleepy, so I can not use it.' However, modern medical technology is developing, and many hay fever medicines do not have side effects of drowsiness now. The hay fever patients of our group also said that "ease of spending changes considerably only by using medicine", "The symptoms have been relaxed considerably compared to before use", "It is always indispensable because we are in trouble when the medicine runs out" .
Finally, it is about the method "to avoid from allergic symptoms worsening substances". The reason why allergic patients have increased rapidly since the period of high economic growth is "the concept of allergy has started to be known", "planting of coniferous forests" and "worsening of symptoms caused by air pollution". As we explained at the site, symptoms of hay fever are caused by IgE antibodies.
According to an experiment conducted by the University of Tokyo, when comparing mice injected with only pollen and mice injected with both fine particles of exhaust gas, a large amount of IgE antibody was detected only from the latter.
From this result, it is found that exhaust gas is one of the reasons that pollinosis patients in urban areas are many. Also, not only exhaust gas but also ocher and dust are considered to exacerbate the symptoms.
In other words, it would be a good measure to evacuate to areas with less exhaust gas, as the members did. In fact, the member said that "the amount of pollen should be higher in the vicinity of the mountain than in the urban area, but the symptoms did not appear."

Experiences about food allergies

Male elementary school student"I have kiwi allergy"
Elementary school student"When I ate salmon roe, I felt sick. So when I looked it up I find that I had allergies to fish eggs."
Our coach"I have a buckwheat allergic. One day I have eaten buckwheat noodles without knowing that they are included. It's dying as a result. By the way, my parents house is a soba shop(a buckwheat noodles shop) ."
Adult male"When I was an elementary school student, I had exercise-induced allergy by wheat. Then changed with growth, and now I also react to toothpaste and shampoo. When looking at this site,” Naphtha cause this distance”I thought. I also found out that the different I had suspected don’t causes. "
Girls College Student"I am allergic to spices. Allergen is often used as a seasoning so many menus can not be ordered at a restaurant. I have never tried it but if I try to eat curry etc, I think that I will be very hard. "

Next is experiences about experiencing food allergies. Symptoms of food allergies are very serious, so food allergies are one of the most famous allergies. As you can see from gathered experiences, food allergies are easy to become symptomatic and have a danger of dying.

Preventive measures

First of all for prevention, there is "you do not eat too much allergens during pregnancy". This is because a fetus, not a pregnant woman, may suffer from allergy. For example, like the coach who offered the experiences of the previous story, "The family home is a soba shop, and he has soba allergy". He who is taking classes at the Faculty of Pharmacy said, "There is the case that it may become an allergen that the mother ingested during pregnancy. This case is probably it."
Other preventive measures are "avoid eating excessive ingestion of food that it may be allergen in early childhood", "avoid unbalanced ingestion of only one food (For every age person)"It is derived from the story that the former is easy to suffer from allergies in early childhood and the latter is "allergy to a certain diet keep on ingesting certain food".
It is one measure to completely eliminate allergens. However, it is also important to know the extent you can have and to ingest allergens as many as possible.
Our ultimate goal is not "not allergic", but "to improve allergy and cure". To do that, we need to be actively examined and know how much we should avoid allergens, and how much we can eat. Let's make efforts to utilize medical institutions and cure allergy. However, in fact, that is difficult. It is very important to know the extent that symptoms do not occur, to ingest as much as possible, and to get used to it.
On the other hand, some peanut allergies, such as peanut allergies, have the risk of dying by taking only a small amount of allergens. So, there are cases where you have to completely eliminate it.

A story about animal allergies

"I am allergic to cats. I went to stay at a friend's house keeping a cat without knowing it, and I got breathing difficult in the night. my child always says ”I would like to keep animals”, but I am sorry that I can not keep it. I wish my daughter don’t have any allergies. "

Animal allergies are caused by animal dandruff and body fluids. However, many are caused by ticks or house dust adhering to them.

Preventive measures

First of all, it is about measures. The best solution is not related to animals. However, there are cases where you keep pets and it is difficult to avoid contact. In that case, it is important to reduce allergens scattered. As mentioned earlier, animal allergies are allergies to many flying things of from animals rather than to animals themselves.Therefore, you can suppress symptoms by cleaning the surroundings of the animals cleanly.
It is a little different from prevention, but it is also important to have an allergy test before you keep a pet. In recent years, there are many cases of allergic patients, and that "After I had pets, I throw out them because of allergies". As introduced in “Experience of Allergy Test ”, it will not take costs and effort so long.
For yourself and your pet, please take an exam before starting to keep them.

Experiences about the surrounding environment

Male elementary school student"Since the house was near the Tamagawa river, the allergy that I had had before has become severe. It is said the environment that I live seems to affect my body. But I think I will keep going well."

Lastly, it is experience of an allergy related to the surrounding environment. About the area near the Tamagawa River, we can not think of concrete solutions because we do not know the allergy of the contributor. However, it is a common example that the surrounding environment make allergic symptoms worth.
There are cases where air pollution affects allergic symptoms as mentioned in the experience stories about hay fever.

Preventive measures

In order to improve the surrounding environment and allergy, there are two solutions, "improve the environment itself" or "isolate yourself from the environment". Specific measures for the latter are "to break physical contact", "evacuate to a distance", and so on. In the story introduced earlier, the patient was evacuating in Okayama. This is an effective measure.

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