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Very easy! allergy test

In the process of acquiring knowledge about various allergies to make this site, we got a question "What kind of allergy do we all have?". To solve this, one of the members (High 2 · T) actually took an allergy test.

What is an allergy test?

In the very beginning, what is an allergy test? There are various kinds of allergy tests. However, here we describe the blood tests which are easiest and standard.
As we will explain in detail later, it is only to pull the blood out with a syringe, inspect it and wait for the report. It is easy, and the accuracy is high. Therefore, it can be said that it is the most general if it only checks whether it has allergy.
Basically all hospitals can receive the examination. You go to a hospital tailored to your symptoms, apply for an allergy test and just actually under go an examination.
If there is suspicion of symptoms and applying, insurance can also be applied, it will not cost anything.

The trigger for receiving inspection

The chance was that I began to keep a cat. I was diagnosed once at a young age and with hay fever. So since then, I have avoided contact with animals and plants of allergens as much as possible. Therefore, I was not sure if I had any allergies. And I tried again to receive an allergy test.

Find a hospital

As I said earlier, allergy tests are basically accepted at any hospital.
I have been suffering from rhinitis and runny nose with hay fever since my childhood. Also, because the hospital nearby was an otolaryngology, I decided to take an allergy test there.

Receptionist and blood sampling

I arrived at the hospital and got paper for allergy examination. I filled in the basic profile and symptoms to my allergy and submitted it to the reception. After that I passed through the consultation room and had my blood sampled after normal examination. And, as I was told to come again after a week when the test results come out, that day has returned.

Receive diagnosis result

When I went to the hospital on the designated day, I passed through the examination room first. I received a diagnosis result paper like the image below from the doctor and received explanation as a whole.
In result, I had no allergic symptoms other than pollen,and I understood that I could touch a cat.

As you can see from the results on the right, it is almost normal values except cedar and Japanese cypress.
The numerical value of the cat's skin was completely negative.
⇒Open large image

There were also the results of regular blood tests.
⇒Open large image

In this paper, the results of allergens different from the above image are listed.
Since this is only a numerical description, the clarity of the result and the ease of viewing are excellent. ⇒Open large image

I also got a brochure on sublingual immunotherapy. These are documents I got through a test in hospital.


There were various things I felt, but the most impressive thing was that it would not take much labor or cost more than hearing. It took about 30 minutes to spend at the hospital because I just wrote the document and made diagnosis and blood collection. Also it was only about 10 minutes because I only received explanations and documents for document receipt.
In addition,insurance was applied because I suffered from hay fever. So I was able to take inspection at a very cheap price.
I have been able to spend very clearly like a sunny mist since I received the test results.
Allergies can develop or change with age. So, if you suspect a symptom, it is important to go to the examination. Whether you have an allergy or not, if you saw this site, why don’t you take an examination? (High 2 · T)

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