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We were investigating allergies for site creation. In that process, we learned about epipen used for emergency treatment of anaphylactic shock. And in order to learn more about the epipen, we visited our school infirmary (Keio SFC junior/senior high School).

What is epipen?

Epinephrine (Epinephrine autoinjector) is a portable injection kit for relieving anaphylactic symptoms. When strongly pushed to the front and the outside of the thigh, the built-in injection needle and medicine pop out and intramuscular injection is done.
When anaphylaxis occurs and you have epipen, you can easily inject it by the patient or others in the surroundings. Injection of epinephrine (adrenaline) has the effect of contracting capillary vessels and spreading the bronchi. Serial numbers are issued one by one and they are strictly managed.

Background to the health department

At the first, our group’s coach said the idea "Would you like to visit and ask questions to school doctors in school infirmary?”
By visiting we can see epipen practice kit and listen to knowledge and experience stories of school doctors who are professional medical professionals. We decided that they were useful and to visit school infirmary and school doctors.

Epipen practice kit

In the school infirmary, the school doctors lent us the epipen practice kit like the photo above. Practice kits do not contain needles and medicines. It is for practicing the procedure or action "Remove cap of epipen and inject into a thigh". Also, we got a paper with an explanation "How to use Epipen" like the photo below.

While watching the paper with all the members, we tried practice kits, respectively. After easy action just to remove the cap, firmly grasp it against the thigh, press strongly with force, the deployed part of Epipen started running, and the practice was finished. It is designed to be easy to handle even in patients who have symptoms and prevent malfunction. The adjustment of the part which operates when pushed was especially exquisite. Although it is strengthened to prevent mistake, it worked easily even with a weak force because the body is easy to grasp.
In addition, the part that the injection needle is attached originally protrudes quickly. So even if the patient consciousness is going to be in a haze, medication finishes in a moment. 。

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Coach and school doctor’s story

Teacher's father was stung by the hornet. If it is stabbed next, there is a possibility of causing anaphylactic shock. So, the coach's father have the epipen. We heard about epipen's basic information and serial number from a coach and school doctor familiar with epipen. We asked the school doctor if she had used Epipen in the past. She answered that it was only once.
Also, we asked if there is pain when using Epipen which is intramuscular injection. Then, "Because patient is losing consciousness due to symptoms, it seems that it does not have much influence. There is no problem in medication since there is a moment when the needle comes out in the first place."

Usage of practice kit

By the coach’s story, we learned that there is a faculty meeting where our teachers learn how to use Epipen with this practice kit in our school. If they are in the situation of using Epipen, there is a possibility that treatment will not be in time if you do not know how to use it only by the school doctor. There are also many periods during which the school infirmary is closed such as the summer vacation period. The situation of using epipen is that it can happen suddenly anytime anywhere in school life.
Therefore, we found it important to regularly conduct solidarity and knowledge sharing among faculty members as well as teachers at the faculty meeting.


Before visiting the school infirmary, I only have known the existence of epipen injection on books and the Internet. However, after visiting this time, I was able to experience "Seeing is better than hearing." As I learned, the operation method was certainly easy and it was rugged enough to withstand carrying. However, when I actually got the practice kit, I felt a sense of fear though it should not be genuine. And I was a little hesitating to hit it on my legs.
In addition, I first learned that there was a process to remove the epipen cap. I strongly felt that I could not win the actual experience even if I learned many times on books.
I thought that not only relying on school doctors and faculty members but also having a knowledge of epipens and experiences considering the possibility of using them · the possibility of using them, It was. (High 2 · N)

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