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Record of Allergy Test and Sublingual Immunotherapy(high 2・F)

Like (high 2・T), (high 2・F) also tried allergy testing.

The trigger for receiving inspection

There are three reasons I got the examination as follows.

  • Food allergies
    ⇒when I eat kiwi and yam in my childhood, i seem to have gotten out the symptoms such as itch in throat and allergies such as urticaria. So I avoided eating.
  • Pollen and house dust
    ⇒Depending on the degree of the examination result I wanted to consider sublingual immunotherapy because allergy of pollen and house dust were severe and I was having very hard feelings every year.
  • Dog / cat allergy
    ⇒My father had told that he wants to keep a cat. If I have allergy to cat, I’ll be suffering from inhalation allergies after getting on it. So I wanted to check by checking.

For these three reasons, I decided to take an allergy test. In the case of (11th grade · T), he was examined by otolaryngology, and was examining only the symptoms of the inhalation system. However, I decided to take an examination at the department of medicine near my house because I wanted to have an examination of food allergies.

About interview and examination

I went to the hospital immediately. I got a questionnaire at the first. I told my symptoms and consulted with a doctor frequently. Then I decided to get an examination.
The exam only ended with blood sampling. I was told that results will be given in about a week or so, I made a reservation and went home.

Inspection results

The results of the inspection are as follows.

As expected, the value of cedar and house dust were class 4. It is so serious.
However, I was surprised that I did not expect that I had an allergy to mites.
It was good news for me that there was almost no food allergy. It is a bit of a surprise that the allergy to apple is a bit high, but according to the doctor, this degree seems to be completely acceptable.

Consider sublingual immunotherapy

According to the test results, I found that allergy to cedar is serious. So I examined the practice of sublingual immunotherapy with a doctor.
Sublingual immunotherapy hangs down the cedar pollen extract under the tongue every day and gets used to it. This needs to continue for more than 3 years.
I think that keeping everyday for three years is difficult for me who is not good at continuing. However, I decided to work on sublingual immunotherapy because I hope pollen allergy suffering every year would be a good.

Record of sublingual immunotherapy experience

From that day I got the test results, I started sublingual immunotherapy. Firstly, I was given a brochure about medicines and told me to read. After that, I went to a nearby pharmacy to take medicine.
Then I went back to the hospital and taught me how to take it. I was also told to actually take it, so I took there. After taking it, I was told to stay in the hospital for half an hour for serious side effects.
After 30 minutes, I got a medical consultation and confirmed that there was no problem on my body, then I went home.
I was told to come back again after a week for medicine and course confirmation.

About sublingual immunotherapy

Since sublingual immunotherapy is explained also in the item "hyposensitization therapy" in Allergy Encyclopedia, here I will introduce concrete actual sublingual immunotherapy practice.
For two weeks after starting to take medicines, it is the period called “ Increasing period” and I take them while increasing the amount of special bottles every day. This period lasts one week after changing the bottle one week after the start. It is a total of two weeks. I think it is to get used to medicine to the body in this period.

After two weeks from the start, it will enter the period called “maintenance period”. In this phase, the drug solution is used tube, and the amount to take is constant.

Also, medicine need to preserve in the refrigerator, it is a little troublesome.
Also, there are restrictions on take (bathing and intense exercise, alcohol intake ban for 2 hours before and after taking). If side effects occur while sleeping, you can not sleep. Therefore, it seems better to take it in the morning. Due to restrictions on taking doses, you can not take a morning bath. You need to understand those points.

After that

I manage the date by writing medicine. I continue taking medication every day without stopping it on the way. At the time of writing this sentence(in the beginning of January 2018) , about 2 months have passed since we started taking. There are no side effects for now.

Discussion / Summary

I received an allergy test and I learned about my allergy. I also experienced a flow to improve allergy with sublingual immunotherapy.
As introduced in "To “Coexist”", such a flow is important for successfully associating with allergies.
I am satisfied that I know my allergy by being examined. In addition, I could think about how to solve it myself. For example, I learned that I have house dust allergy and mite allergy. Then I consulted with a doctor and bought a humidified air purifier to improve the environment. In addition, I learned the situation where mites lives, and made an environment where I could not have mites as much as possible. This made it possible to improve the sneeze which was bothering me for a long time a little. I feel that my quality of life (QOL) has improved.
As we said in “Allergy Test Experience Record (11th grade· T)”, the best way to improve your allergy is to know the allergy. This is a very pleasant thing.
I strongly think that people who suffer from allergy should have an allergy test once. (High 2 · F)

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