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Learning Report

In these pages, we have featured the developmental contents of allergies and what we experienced.
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What we experienced

Health Office Report
In the process of investigating allergies while creating this site, we learned about epipens which are used for emergency treatment of anaphylactic shock. In order to learn more about the epipen, I visited the health department of our school (Keio SFC junior high school/high school).

Allergy Test Report (High 2・T)
We made this page in order to answer the question, "Do we have allergies of our own?" One of the members of our group (Second year high-school student, T) actually took an allergy test.

Record of Allergy Test and Sublingual Immunotherapy
(high 2・F)
On this page, we post an allergy test of (High 2 · F) allergy test (High 2 · F) and a story of a sublingual immunotherapy (a type of hyposensitization therapy) experience.

Report of taking a gluten-free meal on the airplane
When you board an international flight, you can choose special in-flight meals such as allergy-friendly, or gluten-free (flour-free). One of the members of our group actually had the opportunity to board an airplane, so he ordered a gluten-friendly meal. A report on that case is posted.

We tried allergy-conscious foods
In "Examples of social consideration for allergies" dealt with in "To Coexist", We posted that there are allergen-conscious corners at some Ito-Yokado stores.
We dropped at Ito-Yokado Shonandai shop, bought all the allergy-conscious foods that were put on, we divided it with members then I tried it.

The developmental contents

Antigen Presentation is actually done to a common pupa of Th1 and Th2【Advanced】
Do you remember Th1 and Th2, which were introduced in Allergy Encyclopedia? The former is presented when invading pathogens and the like, and the latter is presented when invading allergens and the like. However, to be exact, antigen presentation is done to a cells like common “pupa” of Th1 and Th2.

Increase in the number of allergic patients
The number of allergic patients increases year by year. This page deals with reasons why an increase in the number of people who have allergies is occurring.

Medicine allergies
We will introduce "allergies from medication" which becomes severe or prolonged with relatively high probability after onset. The content is slightly more difficult, because it is special, as will be explained here with this content rather than in the allergy encyclopedia.

Temperature change allergies
The so-called "temperature change allergy" which often develops in after taking a bath etc. is not an allergy in reality. Therefore, although it is not treated as an allergy on this site, in this page we will introduce temperature change allergies in detail as a developmental content.

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