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Let's have a discussion!

One of the ways to think about allergies and ways to successfully associate by yourself is to discuss with friends and teachers. On this page, we introduce discussion sheets and examples of discussion themes, actual discussion.
Let's set a theme on allergy, deepen understanding by discussing with everyone.

Example theme

  • When a person who has allergies came to stay at home
  • If person who has allergies want to contact with allergens
  • On the consideration of people who have allergies
  • On giving infants an allergic food
  • Consideration when spending in the same space as people who have allergies
  • About changing the menu of lunch for allergic patients and those who are not
  • About allergy consideration for foreign tourists

Discussion sheet

Discussion sheet Answer example

Discussion example

There is an discussion example. Please discuss deeply through reading this example.

1st theme "When person who has allergies came to stay at home"

F "Well then, I'd like to start a discussion on allergy."

All (applause)

F "This theme is" consideration when a person who has allergies came to visit home "

I "It is a debate about a rather limited situation ..."

T "In short, it is consideration when you are in the same space as a person who has allergies."

F "There are various kinds of allergies. There are many kinds of conditions of onset such as eating, allergens in the air. So, we set specific conditions this time."

M "Indeed, for example, symptoms of allergic reactions in animals will appear even if you only stay at home."

I "On the other hand, about food allergies, we can solve if even foods provided here are careful."

N "Before going out to play, I think we need to check yourself and other's allergy."

T "Yes, I think it is very necessary for both myself and others to confirm what is allergen."

N "I do not know what kind of consideration I should do without knowing the allergen substance."

I "Who on the side to welcome a friend need to know about partner's allergy symptoms."

F "Is it the severity of symptoms?"

I "There is also it, but it is necessary to know the contact information and how to take first aid when something happens."

F "Oh I see, we should definitely know."

M "The epipen we examined this time was one of the first aid that other people could do."

To the page of "Anaphylactic shock"
To the page of "Health Office Report"

T ”Anaphylaxis shock has the danger of losing consciousness. I need to ask in advance."

M "It is important to exchange information in advance, anyway."

N "But you can not deal with animal allergies, right?"

F "Also hair or saliva are dangerous."

T "No, nothing like that."

F " T is really crazy about cat. By the way, we can't do anything with allergens in the air?"

T "My relative is allergic to animals, so when he comes to my house I move the cats to another room, and even this alone will quench his symptoms considerably."

N "To summarize, we try not to give allergic food and isolate animals. These are good."

T "Cats may be poor, but it is inevitable."

F “Now, to summarize what we've talked about so far.”

① Always know about each other's allergy beforehand
② Always avoid contact between the allergen and the patient

T "Oh, now I remembered one."

F "What is it?"

The discussion was expected to be over, but T seems to have remembered something. The discussion seems to be continued...

2nd theme “If person who has allergies wants to touch allergens”

T "Should the owner stop when a patient is trying to contact an allergen animal at his own will?"

I "Why suddenly do it?"

T "The relative likes cats, and he got permission from his parents and entered the room where the cat was located."

F "What happened to him?"

T “No problem.”

M "That's good."

T “Just swollen eyes and runny nose were serious.”

F “Oh…”

T "What was the right thing to do?"

F “I think you should have stopped.”

N “But he said he would like to do so, didn’t he?”

M “As we said earlier, if something happened, could they handle it?”

I "He said that he got permission from his parents."

T "In fact, his parents were nearby."

M "Even if something happened, they could solve it."

F "Well, this is a difficult problem."

N "Was he pleased?"

T "He seemed happy although he had symptoms."

I "In this case it's better to let the patient do like he want."

F "However, it is limited to cases where there are parents and symptoms not serious."


T “So, in conclusion.”

In certain circumstances, we may respect the will of people who have allergies

F “It is right.”

T “That is limited only when the symptoms were not serious, so we must not do it with ordinary allergy.”

M “Most allergies has seriously symptomatic.”

T ”My friend had allergies to spices, but he wanted to eat curry and he had. Then he fell down.”

F "That's a terrible story."

M "Anyway, we should act cautiously."

N "It's about health."

F "When you come in contact with allergies, be careful with various factors!"

At a later date...

T “By the way, we talked about visitors, but I think that the premise of that “visitor” is too limited.”

F “Then, would we discuss again after deciding the definition of “visitor”? ”

N “For example?”

T ”Trying to look to international diversity, we will set a foreigner.”

M “In that case, it seems that point of view will expand if you set it to ”Tourism to the country” rather than “Visitors to the house”. ”

F “Alright then, the theme of discussion today was decided as “About allergy consideration for foreign tourists”. ”

3rd theme “About allergy consideration for foreign tourists”

F “It seems each has finished examining, then let’s begin discussion ”

T “It might easy to talk about restaurants that would be deeply involved allergies.”

N “Because food allergens often cause serious symptoms.”

M “About that, Mr.I and I searched.”

I “First, about “Food ingredients pictogram seal”. By affixing these seals, it is possible visually to tell foreigners about allergens without language.”

M “Because it tells the existence of ingredient not limited to allergens, it also leads to solving problems of religiously problematic ingredients, including pork.”

F “Oh, I got it. Foreign visitors can avoid allergens by themselves without asking clerks.”

M “There is also “Store front seal for restaurants” related to the Food ingredients pictogram seal.”

I “It is to paste at the shop front to tell whether there is a display of the ingredients used and foreign language version menu is present.”

M “This is the picture of the seal.

T “Well I’ll be damned! It is the design everyone can see at a glance as I heard.”

N “Foreign visitors can enter safely if this seal is affixed to the shop front.”

I “Moreover, there are an interesting story that consideration of soba allergy to foreigners.”

F “Consideration of soba allergy?”

I “There are foreign visitors who eat soba without knowing that soba is allergen.”

M “There is a very interesting thing called “An allergy tattoo checker”....... It is difficult to explain, so it is faster to show the page directly;

F “I was so surprised at the union of tattoo and allergy check.”

N “Now, foreigners can get checked positively.”

T “The idea’s great victory!”

I “Also, there is the story that there is a translation of the main language of the word "Are there any foods that you cannot eat due to allergies?" in the foreign correspondence manual of the restaurant is also interesting.


F “Then, let’s finish the discussion.”

N “There are a lot of consideration.”

M “They make us feel compassionate.”

I “A country boasting OMOTENASHI(Hospitality) is wonderful!”

T “Based on there learned things, let’s be the side where we think about allergy consideration!!”

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