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Thank you very much for seeing this site.

How did you start watching this site? Are you allergic? Or are your family allergic? Also, have you studied allergies with pure curiosity?
This site was made to reduce accidents of allergy increasing recently, and to symbiosis with allergies. We did our best to achieve that purpose. We wish this site is giving knowledge of allergy to more people, and eliminating prejudice and misunderstanding.

Although we talk a little about the part to “To Coexist” of our site, the problem of allergy is not only for allergic patients. Allergy is influenced by external factors more than general chronic disease. In order to prevent the troubles, not only allergic patients but also people around them should be careful. Allergy is a disease that may suddenly take place. Furthermore, people who do not have allergies are also required to consider allergic patients. We would be happy if they also conveyed to you by reading this site. And we think that it would be good to reduce accidents of painful allergy by them.

Finally, we thank you for seeing this site. Also, we are grateful to all the cultural festival visitors who cooperated in the questionnaire and the school doctors, coaches who gave us allergy knowledge.

Thank you for seeing this site!

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